The Teaching and Learning Center invites members of the CUNY community to contribute to Visible Pedagogy’s “Teach@CUNY Series,“ which spotlights actual assignments, activities, and approaches being used in CUNY classrooms.

Each call for contributors focuses on a single topic or theme; those interested in contributing will be asked to submit a short, 200-300 word post that responds to the call, along with an illustrative artifact (a copy of an assignment, image, video clip, etc.). Selected posts will be published sequentially over a period of 1-2 weeks. Our aim is to solicit and curate contributions that represent the diversity of CUNY’s teaching body: both full- and part-time instructors, from 2- and 4-year colleges, and from a range of disciplines.

The Teach@CUNY series creates opportunities for CUNY instructors to share and make more “visible” the work they do in their classrooms, while also offering instructors a space to workshop ideas they might want to develop for presentations or publications.

You can see our first call—on the subject of class discussion strategies—here, and read more about Visible Pedagogy here.

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