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Due Mar 31 | CfP – “Community College and the Future of the Humanities”

Call for Papers for:
“Community College and the Future of the Humanities”

A National Conference Convened by LaGuardia Community College and the Graduate Center, City University of New York

October 18 and 19, 2018

Community colleges are redefining the importance and centrality of the humanities to the lives of the “new majority” of students, both during their academic careers and after graduation. To explore and celebrate the role of humanities within community colleges and across the broader landscape of higher education, the CUNY Humanities Alliance[cunyhumanitiesalliance.us17.list-manage.com] invites proposals from college students, graduate students, faculty, and administrators for interactive sessions at “Community College and the Future of Humanities” conference. We seek a wide diversity of voices, perspectives and positions, and strongly encourage applications from scholars of color, people with backgrounds historically underrepresented in the academy, and people with direct experience in community colleges.  (more…)

Due April 1 | CfP – Shift Graduate Journal of Visual and Material Culture, Issue 11

Call For Papers: Shift: Graduate Journal of Visual and Material Culture, Issue 11


Oppositional claims to land, heritage, and state have rapidly crescendoed in the last year of the Trumpian order. White supremacist overtures emerged last summer in Charlottesville with chants of “Blood and Soil,” the infamous Nazi slogan advocating racial purity located in the earth of the homeland. At the same time, political activists and environmentalists have made inherently anti-fascist counter-claims to land and ancestry, such as the Indigenous activists who opposed the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock and critiqued “Muslim ban” travel restrictions with the phrase “No Ban on Stolen Land.” Leftist intellectuals have also sought to deploy protests towards collective, and problematically assimilationist, approaches to environmental stewardship. While such thinkers approach the Earth’s maintenance in terms of the commons, techno-capitalist oligarchs are poised to abandon the planet to the forces of material extraction as they look to the oceans (as in “Seasteaders” seeking to colonize special economic zones), or to outer space (as in Elon Musk’s spectacularized extraterrestrial pollution with branded explorations into commercial space travel). (more…)

The Advocate Call for Contributions


This spring, the Advocate invites everyone to build on the conversations on Revolution and Sovereignty that we have sustaining since the fall semester. Adding to our first issue on the idea of revolution and the second on its resonances in artistic and cultural practices, we now accepting contributions that expand these conversations to wide array of social and political fields. We are particularly interested in, but not limited to, articles that explore revolution in relation to Ecology, Climate Change and Scientific Practice.

It is time we accept that we live in radical times, and to ask what sorts of revolutions we can not only imagine but also plan. CUNY occupies a unique position in New York City’s cultural and academic landscape, and we believe we can provide a platform that can harness that potential and build a real conversation about sustainable and radical change. It is far too easy to lead with despair these days, and our only effective option is to work together, and think together, as we never have before. We request that you write for us and talk to the vast political community this university can cultivate, and that you encourage your undergraduates to do so as well. (more…)

Due Mar. 10 | Call for proposals: Art Glass Forum

The Art Glass Forum, a New York-based nonprofit founded in 1999, invites young decorative arts students to submit proposals for its annual “Emerging Scholars” event on May 1. AGF supports scholarship about glass, from ancient shards to contemporary experiments. Each spring, AGF brings in two emerging scholars to each give a 20-minute presentation to an AGF meeting. Topics in recent years have included Louis Comfort Tiffany’s mosaics in New York and the little-known German early-20th-century industrial designer Bruno Mauder. Deadline for AGF proposals is March 10.


Speakers’ remunerations include $100 honorarium, lively and delicious restaurant dinner with glass historians and enthusiasts after the talk, and AGF membership (up to $70 value). Events are held at St. Michael’s church, a Tiffany-glass-lined sanctuary at 99th Street and Amsterdam Ave. We welcome all students of glass to propose topics!


Due Jan 21 | CfP – Haunted History in France and America: When the Ghosts of Slavery Resurface

The 2018 French PhD Program’s Annual Conference at the Graduate Center, City University of New York
March 23, 2018


Call for papers:

Haunted History in France and America: When the Ghosts of Slavery Resurface

         As seen in Charleston, South Carolina and more recently in Charlottesville, Virginia, monuments that celebrate slave-owning heritage such as confederate flags and memorials honoring anti-abolitionists have become contentious subjects, leading to outrage and violence. For some, these controversial symbols represent racial oppression; for others, their heritage, turning historic landscapes into a stage for the ongoing conversation about race and inequality in America.  Unlike France, the United States has yet to officially acknowledge slavery as a crime against humanity or to erect slave memorials that pay homage to the victims.   (more…)

Due Jan 15 | CFP for ESA Conference ’18 – Breaking Through: Textures & Aesthetics of Rupture

Breaking Through: Textures & Aesthetics of Rupture
English Student Association Conference
The Graduate Center, CUNY
March 23rd, 2018
breakingthrough.commons.gc.cuny.edu // esa2018@gmail.com

CFP for ESA Conference 2018 – Breaking Through (printable)

Call For Proposals:

“The degree is in disruption,” announces the homepage of the USC Jimmy Iovine and Andre Young Academy for Arts, Technology and the Business of Innovation, home of self-proclaimed “creative philanthropreneur[s],” “eclectic innovator[s]”, and “fierce future CEO[s].”  As Jill Lepore points out in her critique of the recent trend of disruption as a business model, “everyone is either disrupting or being disrupted. There are disruption consultants, disruption conferences, and disruption seminars.” It is to this ubiquity and institutional co-option of disruption as a term and a notion that this conference aims to attend. Why are we so obsessed with “breaking through”? (more…)

Deadline Jan 14 | CPF – 2018 Rutgers University, 40th Annual Susman Graduate Student History Conference

The History Department’s 40th Annual Susman Graduate Student Conference

Narratives of Resistance: Challenges, Practices, and Possibilities

Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
Thursday and Friday, March 29 and 30, 2018

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Shannen Williams, Assistant Professor of History at the University of
Tennessee Knoxville*

Opening Address: Dr. Camilla Townsend, Professor of History at Rutgers University**

The graduate students from the Department of History at Rutgers University are pleased to invite
their peers in the humanities and social sciences to submit papers for the 40th annual Susman
Conference, “Narratives of Resistance.” (more…)

Due Sept 17 | CfP: Shifting Paradigms? Current Perspectives on Doing American Studies

The organizers of the 2017 Postgraduate Forum (PGF) of the German Association for American Studies (DGfA/GAAS) are delighted to announce the annual call for papers for this year’s conference to be held at the Department of English and American Studies, HumboldtUniversität zu Berlin, from November 9-11, 2017.

The Postgraduate Forum (PGF) of the German Association for American Studies (DGfA/GAAS) is a platform for early researchers to present their current research and engage in critical conversation across disciplines. We encourage papers in the broader field of American Studies including, among other disciplines, literature, cultural studies, history, politics, sociology, and economics. The format of the PGF will be open to works in progress from applicants’ current post-graduate, doctoral, or postdoctoral projects. In addition to the regular conference panels, we will have a roundtable discussion with various chairs of American Studies from Berlin and an informational session on publishing in Germany and the United States.  (more…)

Due Sep 15 | Call for Papers and Digital Projects — Rutgers Art Review

Rutgers Art Review, a journal of graduate research in art history, hereby invites all current graduate students, as well as professionals who have completed their doctoral degree within the past year, to submit papers for its 35th edition.

Papers may address the full range of topics and historical periods within the history of art and architecture, visual and material culture, art theory and criticism, aesthetics, film, and photography. Interdisciplinary studies concerning art and architecture written by students in other fields are also welcome. To be considered for publication, submissions must present original contributions to existing scholarship and conform to our submission guidelines. We encourage authors to ask a faculty member to review their paper before submission. (more…)

Due Sep 15 | CPF – 16th Annual CUNY IT Conference

CUNY’s 16th Annual IT Conference
Thursday and Friday, November 30 and December 1
@ John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Instructional/Information Technology in CUNY: Opening Access

The escalating costs of higher education—both tuition and the collateral expenses of textbooks and course materials—have widespread effects. With the announcement of the Excelsior Scholarship and new funding to develop Open Educational Resources, CUNY is poised to ease financial barriers to college for even more students than we already serve. And yet “access” to higher education is a complex issue that extends far beyond the mere costs of attendance to adequately meeting student needs. “Access” includes ADA compliance, access to course materials and devices used for digital materials, Internet access, access to campus spaces and services, access to faculty and community, and more. CUNY’s 16th Annual IT Conference will examine the complex and evolving relationship between technology and manifold issues of access to higher education. (more…)

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