Wednesday April 3, 6-8pm
Room 9207

Do you struggle to balance the demands of teaching and research? Committing to both while making steady progress towards your degree presents a range of opportunities but also comes with some challenges. Balancing teaching and research requires its own kind of intentional, ongoing effort–for instance, how do you handle necessary lesson planning when you’re in the middle of writing? Add to this the ticking clock of your funding coming to an end and it’s easy to feel like something’s gotta give.

This workshop will offer strategies to help you balance your responsibilities as a teacher and a graduate student as well as offer resources and support to help you identify and plan for your goals. Topics to be covered include intentional planning of your research and teaching agendas, writing every day (or not), managing class preparation, and dealing with procrastination. You will leave this workshop with a plan to achieve your own goals. And maybe even some nights and weekends off.

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