Communicating Through Questions
Wednesday, November 14th, 4 PM-6 PM
Room 9207

We ask our students questions on our syllabi, in classroom discussions, in brief hallway encounters, on their essay assignments and exams. Too often, though, questions we ask in class seek only to assess content comprehension and miss the full potential of questioning as a pedagogical tool. Probing, thoughtful questions can help students develop their critical thinking skills, surface connections between their own experiences and course content, and enrich our classroom environments.

This workshop will build attendees’ awareness and skill at asking strategic questions that serve a variety of purposes: setting a tone of inquiry and openness, inviting students to express their thoughts, opinions and uncertainties, and illuminating underlying assumptions. We will talk through categories of questions, types of answers, and motivations and attitudes associated with questioning in the classroom from the perspectives of both students and teacher. This workshop will encourage questions! We will use roleplay, and draw from both published literature on questioning and the experiences of participants.

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