2017 Session, September 11–22, 2017

Winterthur Institute Application Form (PDF)

Escape into the world of decorative arts from the 17th through the early 20th centuries. This intensive course offers an in-depth, two-week study of domestic furnishings made or used in America. Designed to appeal to individuals interested in American decorative arts, content for the course centers on the Winterthur collection, the world’s largest assemblage of decorative arts made or used in America between 1640 and 1860.   The course includes an orientation to Winterthur and an introduction to the principles of connoisseurship. Students also utilize resources in the Winterthur Library facilities. The program also includes field trips to local historic sites.

Sessions take place in classrooms, period rooms, and the exhibition areas of Winterthur. Classes are held five days a week from approximately 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Each day begins with lectures by Winterthur staff and/or guest speakers. Most afternoon programs are conducted in museum period rooms or with artifacts in classrooms. Guide specialists lead groups of five in “room studies.” Workshops are small to allow close examination of the objects.

During the program, participants may take special-subject house tours that allow more in-depth study of particular styles and media.

As listed on the application form, scholarships are available for participation in Winterthur Institute. Graduate students and professionals who are new to fields related to the decorative arts and demonstrate financial need may be considered. Scholarship opportunities have been generously funded in part by The Decorative Arts Trust and through a grant in honor of Wendell D. Garrett through the generous support of the Foundation for Appraisal Education.  Additional scholarship funding may also be found on the FAE website and The Decorative Arts Trust website.

Cost for the two-week session is $1,750 for nonmembers and $1,650 for Members. By application only. Call 302.888.4786 for more information.