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FREE HEARING TEST -Available for the Spring 2019 Semester!!

Me, Myself, and Others: An Interpersonal Process Group

Me, Myself, & Others: An Interpersonal Process Group
Start date:  Spring 2019
Time: Thursday or Friday afternoons (TBD)
Location: Room 6422
Facilitated by Dr. Inez Strama & Ben Stark

 Are you struggling to communicate authentically with those around you?
Do you feel disconnected from others? Lonely?
Do you put others’ needs ahead of your own?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this group might be for you! This is a unique opportunity for honest exploration of personal and interpersonal process in an emotionally supportive environment. The focus is on relationships in general (i.e., trust, intimacy, boundaries) and is meant to improve self-awareness and communication. To sign up, please complete the attached Request for Services form (you may also do this in person at the Wellness Center in room 6422.  If you would like additional information, please email us at wellness@gc.cuny.eduYou must be a currently registered GC student to join. 

SCS Request for Services form current

Fitness Class Registration Open: Classes Begin This Week

The Graduate Center offers fitness classes facilitated by the Doctoral Students’ Council and the Student Affairs Office.

Registration for the first half of the Spring 2019 semester is open. Students, Faculty , Staff and Community Members must register in person at the Student Affairs Office, room 7301. Payment is required at time of registration and a $10 registration fee is applicable each semester for Faculty, Staff and Community Members. (more…)

FREE Vision Screenings by SUNY College of Optometry University Eye Center – 2019 Schedule

Feb 26 | Workshop: When Writing Never Gets Done

Completing your paper, thesis, or dissertation

Date: FEBRUARY 26, 2019

Time: 11AM-12:30PM

Location: ROOM 9205


Writers often avoid actual writing. They may labor with the mechanics and practicalities of writing or they may struggle against hidden dread of what their  written product will look like once it hits the printed page. Some writers may doubt whether they possess the knowledge to write authoritatively. Often they avoid writing altogether fearing exposure. This workshop will explore the reasons for avoidance and inhibition in writing .With the help of the audience (Bring your scenarios!), real life examples, workable insights and solutions will be presented.

To register, stop by the Wellness Center Student Counseling Services in Room 6422 to fill out a workshop application. The application has also been attached for your convenience; email and fax is acceptable.  For more information please call (212) 817-8731.  You must have your student ID with current validation sticker available to present

Please note that no food or beverage will be allowed during this workshop.


Spring 2019 Dissertation Support Group

The Dissertation Support Group is now closed.  However, if interested students would like a one-on-one academic consultation, the Request for Services form is attached.



Start date:  Spring 2019

Thursday mornings

Location: Room 6422

Facilitated by Dr. Michelle Chu and Dara Salem

This is a support group for doctoral students working on their dissertation at the Graduate Center.  Students at all stages in the dissertation process are welcome.  You are not alone!  This is a space for you to work on your dissertation with others students and to learn practical strategies in navigating the process.

If you are interested for more information about the Dissertation Support Group, please stop by the Wellness Center in Room 6422 to sign up or email us at wellness@gc.cuny.edu to obtain and complete a request for service form (also attached for your convenience). Registration is required. You must be a currently registered GC student to join.

SCS Request for Services form current

Multicultural Students Support Group

Multicultural Students Support Group

Fridays: 1:00-2:30pm
Location: Room 6422
Facilitated by Dr. Inez Strama & Serena Tchania

This group offers support to international students and students from various multicultural backgrounds (i.e., racial, ethnic, religious, socioeconomic, and etc.).

Are you experiencing loneliness? Or feeling like you don’t fit into the culture of graduate school? Perhaps your family of origins’ expectations conflict with your life choices? Are you grappling with your multicultural identity? Do you worry about navigating logistical and legal matters in the US? Or concerned about your ability to communicate because English is not your first language? Are you having difficulties adjusting to life in a different country?

You must be a currently registered GC student to join this group.  Registration is required, stop by the Wellness Center in room 6422 to sign up or visit our website: http://cuny.is/wellnesscenter to download a Request for Services Form (also attached for your convenience).  Email and fax is acceptable to submit the form as well.

SCS Request for Services form current

Dec 19 | TLC Grading Social

It’s the time of the semester where students’ final work is piling up and we’re rushing to finish our own projects too. For Graduate Center student instructors, grading student work at the end of the term can be overwhelming, lonely, and—even in successful courses—frustrating.

The Teaching and Learning Center is here to offer support. Join us on Wednesday, December 19th from 1-5pm in room 3317 for our “Grading Social.” We will provide coffee, sweets, and camaraderie as instructors work through stacks of papers, blue books, blog posts, etc. Need a second or third eye on a assignment? We can provide those too.

Check out this past post “Grading Tips from the TLC” on Visible Pedagogy and watch @GCTLC #amgrading on Twitter for more grading tips (and share your own!) starting Monday, December 17th.


Your Colleagues at the TLC

Dec 4 | World AIDS Day 2018 FREE HIV Testing Event

Free Mindfulness Course for CUNY students: 10 Minute Mind

The 10 Minute Mind® is a daily online mindfulness meditation program that’s been developed for busy people who want to feel less stressed and overwhelmed and more in control of their life.

Each day you’ll be emailed a new mindfulness meditation track. Find a spot of calm in your house or office, make yourself comfortable and click on the track in your mailbox. Monique uses her skills in successfully teaching mindfulness meditation to talk you through a ten-minute practice.

Each mindfulness meditation track will address the stress in your body, teach you how to work with your mind – your thoughts and emotions – and begin the journey of self love, reflecting and recognising the good inside you.

You can listen to it with or without backing music – it’s your choice. After just 10 minutes you should feel calmer, more focused, happier and ready to take on a new day with confidence.

Here is the link to sign up for free access as a CUNY Student: https://the10minutemind.us8.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=2fdf28b299fdf390b7fa57faf&id=8a56194243

For more information: https://the10minutemind.com/

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