Research in Japan

The Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science is looking to provide funding for a CUNY doctoral student to engage in research in Japan in summer 2023.

Fields of research

All fields of the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences are included under this program.


Applicants must meet all the criteria below.

1) Be U.S. citizens or permanent residents;

2) Be enrolled in a university graduate program or hold a doctorate degree when the program goes into effect, which must have been received within six years prior to April 1, 2023 (not required to hold a full-time position.);

3) Be enrolled at an institution located in the United States;

4) Have received in advance acceptance from their host researchers; and

5) Aspire to become a researcher in future

*Those who have previously been awarded a fellowship under a JSPS Fellowship Programs are not eligible.

Tentative schedule of the program
May 2023 online – Online kickoff orientations

June 12 –August 19, 2023 (after arriving in Japan)

Orientation program; research experience at host institution, homestay program, research report session

* subject to change according to Covid-19 pandemic situation


Please see this link for complete details and application guidelines: 

If you would like to be nominated please send the following no later than January 4, 2023. If approved by the GC, you should be prepared to submit materials (see link above) by January 11.

To apply please send one PDF containing the following information by January 4, 2023 to Rachel Sponzo (


  1. Your name and contact information
  2. One page description of research project
  3. Name and location of Japanese host
  4. CV