ACLU Research Intern – Police Use of Force Policy (full job description at the link)

Deadline: 27 June 2022

The ACLU seeks a Research Intern for Fall 2022, beginning September 12 and continuing for 12 weeks. This intern is a part of ACLU’s Research Team and reports to the Director of Research. The Research Team is housed in the Communications Department of the ACLU’s National Office in New York City, and liaises with the Executive Department. The PublicLabs Research Intern would focus specifically on completing case studies of cities, as part of an ongoing research project assessing the use of force laws and policies, serving both as the project manager and the lead researcher on the case study component.

The ACLU is still determining whether fall internships will be in person at their Manhattan office or remain remote.


Hikma Strategies – Knowledge Mobilization Specialist (full job description at the link)

Deadline: 27 June 2022

Hikma Strategies offers research consulting, content development, facilitation services, and training programs to help people with unique expertise thrive in any context. Hikma’s programs interweave topics like research communication, partnership development, and entrepreneurship that can fall under many interrelated fields, including but not limited to public scholarship, social impact, implementation science, knowledge translation, knowledge exchange, and knowledge mobilization.

The Knowledge Mobilization Specialist will work actively with Hikma’s founder and team to gather resources across these fields, articulate the points of connection between them, and develop a suite of resources to support research for the public good. Hikma seeks a student to assist with cross-disciplinary research and the development of resources to support clients, partners, and target audiences. This will be a research and development-focused role, appropriate for a student with demonstrated intellectual curiosity and experience in developing annotated bibliographies, synthesizing arguments, crafting creative teaching materials, and interrogating the nuances of public scholarship.

This is a fully remote position.