Active Learning & Classroom Discussion
Tuesday, October 9th | 4:00-6:00 pm | Room 9206

For many instructors, having a classroom full of eager and active students is a persistent goal and recurring challenge. Are you looking to improve student participation in your classes? Do you want to rethink what active participation can mean and find ways to invigorate your class discussions?

Please join the Teaching and Learning Center for a workshop in which we’ll explore how to deepen student engagement through the use of active learning strategies including collaborative learning, peer teaching, group work, inquiry-based learning, and low stakes writing assignments. In this workshop, we will address how to structure activities and assignments that invite students to engage purposefully and productively with each other and with course material. We will discuss which strategies work best in different teaching and learning contexts, and think through how these strategies can help faculty realize instructional goals. Participants will work together to integrate active learning opportunities into their courses, modify and enhance existing activities, while receiving constructive feedback from peers and workshop leaders.

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