An all-day event on December 10th at the Segal Theatre in the Graduate Center, Performing Knowledge will feature presentations blending academic and artistic genres and forms of performance. Primarily, it asks what can knowledge feel or look like? What might the cognitive, but also emotional or aesthetic effects of knowledge be?

Political scientist Wendy Brown calls upon scholars to recover “what is ineffably moving, sublime, or meaningful in the humanities.” Performing Knowledge responds to this call – expanding it to include all disciplines – by reframing research and knowledge as happy human and intrinsically social occasions. Rather than working towards an ever-more immediate, entertaining and monetized access to knowledge-as-information, we intend to work with students and faculty to develop knowledge performances that accommodate and celebrate contradiction, that find their meaning in specific social contexts, and that may end with a question mark.Developed by doctoral students from the theatre department, the project aims to strengthen academic and social ties between scholars in different departments, to promote collaborative work, and to explore new creative horizons for academic work.

The Segal Center at the Graduate Center, CUNY, is seeking students and faculty from all departments who are interested in experimenting with new ways of staging their research and engaging with audiences.

How to Apply

Please fill in this google form for submissions. We will respond to all interested students and faculty and think with them about the best ways to develop their research’s performative and aesthetic aspects.

No performance or art experience is necessary. Since this is an experimental endeavor, we will gladly and openly respond to every call.

Application Deadline: September 17th.

Conceived and organized by

Amir Farjoun ( and Mara Valderrama (

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