Below, please find the schedule for the 2018-19 Columbia University Seminar on American Studies. (The spring dates are provisional for now, though we expect them to be confirmed without much trouble.)

  • September 4 – Scott Poulson-Bryant (Fordham)
  • October 9 – Tao Goffe (NYU)
  • November 13 – Timothy Yu (Madison)
  • December 11 – Thuy Tu (NYU)
  • February 5 – Betsy Duquette (Gettysburg College)
  • March 5 – Rachel Nolan (Columbia)
  • April 2 – Denise Cruz (Columbia)
  • May 7 – Cristobal Silva (Columbia, UCLA)

We will convene at 6:00pm for dinner, and 7:10pm for the talk. The University Seminars Office requires the rapporteur to collect the payment for dinner ($30 per a person; checks only). If you would like to attend, please make sure to RSVP at least seven days in advance to the seminar rapporteur, Nwakego Ifedima Nwasike ( It is necessary to RSVP even if you are attending the talk only, since rooms are assigned based on the expected number of attendees. We hope to see you at the talks.

Seminar Co-Chairs,

James Kim and Matthew Sandler