Wellness Center, Student Counseling Services

Sometimes class work is the least of the graduate student’s burdens.  Balancing school, work, family and friends, coping with feelings of isolation or competition, navigating relationships with faculty, sustaining focus and motivation, living on a tight budget and making progress toward your degree are just a few of the unique and complex issues of graduate school life.  Talking with other students in the same boat can help!  This discussion and support group will address these and many other concerns that come up as you go through your academic training.  The group meets on Mondays at 3:00PM for an hour.

If interested, please complete a Request for Services form at the Wellness Center in room #6422 of the Graduate Center.  The form has also been attached here for your convenience; email and fax is acceptable. You will be contacted within a few days by one of the group leaders. If interested, please contact us by September 29th.

SCS Request for Services form current