Faculty and students are invited to an upcoming student showcase at Columbia University, Inside Voices[oralhistory.columbia.edu], a multimedia pop-up exhibition free and open to the public on Thursday, April 27 from 5 to 8 p.m.

This event employs a wide range of interactive formats and stories based on interviews conducted by student in 2016 cohort of Columbia University’s Oral History MA program. It will take place in the Union Theological Seminary Social Hall (3041 Broadway at W 121st Street).

Inside Voices will help kick off a long weekend of oral history programming in New York, alongside the 2017 Oral History and the Mid-Atlantic Region Conference, Oral History & The City[oralhistoryandthecity.org] (April 27-30, 2017), co-sponsored by OHMA.

Here are some highlights of exhibits which may be of interest to you:

Vietnam Draft Lottery: Fate of a Lifetime by Steve Fuchs
When your fate depends on your birthdate!

Show Me Your Hands by Fanny García[oralhistory.columbia.edu]
Keep your eyes on her hands as you learn about one Central American woman’s story of motherhood, migration, and detention.

Intergenerational Dialogue in a Home Space by Xiaoyan Li[oralhistory.columbia.edu]
A short film screening and participatory exhibit encouraging you to explore family memory.

God Forged in Fire & Flood: Oral Histories of an Appalachian Geography by Robin Miniter[oralhistory.columbia.edu]
An exploration of Southern Appalachian land and faith in Hot Springs, N.C.

Who Are All Those Asian Students? by Yutong Wang[oralhistory.columbia.edu]
The real life and voice from a growing group: Chinese students in America.

Inside Voices will be an exciting showcase of our students’ oral history work over the past year and a chance to engage in dialogue about essential historical and contemporary issues. There will also be food, cake, champagne—an all around wonderful evening.